Kurow Bugle 289 11 July 2012

Bugle 289 11 July 2012.pub


5 thoughts on “Kurow Bugle 289 11 July 2012

  1. Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited wishes to advise of a minor spelling mistake, in the spelling of our Company name.
    It should have been written as:
    (being as we are, a fully registered Limited Liability NZ Company, having been incorporated as such, in 1999).
    We were represented at the Kurow Victorian Preservation Group’s Quiz Night (held at the Kurow Hotel recently), by our local Kurow representative, Jon Brocas
    Thankyou for reading this update.

  2. The previous comment “MAY” be awaiting approval upon this site.. but as a preventative guarantee .. this has already been fully publicised elsewhere.. as a backup safety precaution (in case the sent reply is never “approved” here)..re:

  3. True..
    It’s the correct name to use:
    “Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited”
    As can be seen via the NZ Companies Office’s own internal website details.

    via ..
    None other than a direct linkthrough ..
    Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited’s own website.


    Keith Clare.. owner of the said NZ Company that Jon Brocas represents.

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